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MID-SEASON SALE UP TO 10% OFF - Limited Time Discount. 
MID-SEASON SALE UP TO 10% OFF - Limited Time Discount. 

Original Deerma Portable Electric Juicer 400ML Wireless Automatic Multipurpose Mini USB Rechargable Juice Cup Blender Cut Mixer

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Brand Name: Deerma
Capacity (l): Other
Style: Handheld
Number of Pieces: 1
Housing Material: Stainless Steel
Blending Arm Material: Stainless Steel
Features: Multifunctional
Heat Preservation Function: No
Number of Speed Settings: Stepless Adjustment
Certification: ce
Power (W): <750W
Container Material: PCTG (baby bottle material), 304 stainless steel, PP
Controls Type: Push Button
Cord Length (m): usb
Chopper Material: Stainless Steel
Model Number: DEM-NU08
Voltage (V): 220V
Function: Fruit Juice
Blade Number: 6


 Wireless Juicing Delicate taste Food grade     materials 3-hour fast charging


         Wireless Juicing. No wire restrictions, easy to     carry around


                                      3 Presses to Boot
When taking it out, there is no need to worry that it will be accidentally opened by hard objects. Adopt 3-press open system to improve safety
The whole machine is only 0.6kg. No matter whether you are going to work or traveling, there is no burden to carry it with you
                                 3-hour Fast Charging
Built-in 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. After charging once,more than 6 cups of juice can be made continuously. No need to recharge frequently
It can also be charged on the vehicle, and it can be charged up to 90% in 2 hours, so it can be used normally
                      6-leaf blade design 
Six-leaf wave blade, which allows the ingredients to fit the blade, stirring more thoroughly, three-dimensional uniform cutting, longer durability
                           DIY Smoothie
Step 1:270g yogurt
200g frozen strawberry, appropriate amount of honey
Step 2:and then you can continue to add other ingredients as needed
Step 3:turn the knife head onto the cup body and tighten it
Step 4:press for 3 times to turn it on,and gently shake it to keep the internal ingredients even
This product is fragile, please store it carefully.
Please keep the product out of reach of children.
Do not touch the blade to avoid accidental injury.

1. Red light flashes:
Reason one: the battery is not enough. Please use it after charging.
Reason two: the blade protection device is activated. Please wait for 5 minutes before restarting.
2. Restart method: press 3 times to open the key continuously in one second.
3. Charging for Android universal data cable.

Instructions for Use:
1. Cut the ingredients into small cups and pour the right amount of water or milk.
2. Tighten the cup (tip blue light) and then reverse it.
3. Press the switch for 3 times to turn it on.
4. Tilt 60 degree when juicing and shake the machine from side to side.