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SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping On All Items
SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping On All Items

4 Electrode Body Health Care Tens


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L Size: 154x65x15mm

L Net weight: 180g

Or by 3 * AAA battery s (NOT INCLUDED)


Operational instructions:

-Preparation before use
1. battery installation
* Remove the battery bridge cover and operate the bridge.
* Insert three 7 # batteries, paying attention to the polarity
* Firmly close the deck cover
2. Preparation of the electrodes
* Peel off the smooth film on the adherent pads,
* Put the adhesive pads on the rope reel after use
3. Place electrodes
* Wipe. The position of the body to be massaged with a damp towel to remove oil, dirt, sweat and makeup
* Stick the electrodes directly on the skin to be massaged
* The treatment cannot be carried out unless the two 4 electrodes are placed
-Application method
1) switch on: press the on / off button, the lcd screen displays the power supply situation, at the same time display led selection signature arrow for therapeutic modes, which includes acupuncture, the force is 0, the time is 15 minutes.
2) Chinese / English display button: press the functional button, you can choose the LCD screen in Chinese or English
3) selection for therapeutic modes; press the functional button, you can choose the run, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, cupping, weight reduction, hypnogenesis, adjust blood pressure, immunothcmpy,
4) adjust the force: you can select the time is 5-15 minutes press once, the time will be added to 5 minutes

The package includes:

1 * Digital Therapy Machine and SI-PRO Therapy Machine

4 * tips and pads adhering to the electrode

1 * English user manual


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Model Number: MS65871
Material: ABS
Application: Body
200000204: 200002937
adapter: USB cable
Manual: English
Screen: LCD blue color