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SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping On All Items
SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping On All Items

APP WiFi Remote Control Smart LED Bulb

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  • Voice control: Smart Light Bulbs can be connected to Alexa and google assistant, and the light bulb switch can be controlled by voice (eg: Alexa, turn on the room light).
  • Multiple scene changes: You can set multiple scene lights in the mobile app, 16 million colors, change, dimming from 100% to 1%, choose a mode suitable for sleep, reading, or movie night.
  • Simple connection: Just download the jinvoo smart or smart life app under the 2.4g wifi network and connect the bulb to the same network, then you can use your mobile phone to control the bulb.
  • Wide application and scene system: You can set different light modes on the app to match various occasions, including kitchen, living room, bedroom, smart bulbs can also be used for table lamps, cafes, bars, parties, etc.




  • It is very troublesome to turn off the light when you sleep, don't worry, you can control them on your phone.
  • When you wake up at night and want to go to the bathroom, all you see is dark. Do you feel afraid.
  • And it is dangerous for old people to walk in the dark. With a xenon wifi light bulb, your life will be more convenient."Echo, turn on the bedroom light"The light will turn on quickly. Is it wonderful and cool?
  • Give the wifi light bulb to your family as a gift. They can live a more easy life. Control the light bulb anywhere anytime via the smartphone or Alexa.


Multiple scene selection:

  • Connect to the "Jinvoo smart" app to select the scene mode on the app. Different scenes correspond to different colors. Let you feel the atmosphere of different scenes at home. The scene mode can be switched at will. If you are not satisfied with the scene on the application, you can also set the color you want. You can adjust the brightness of the light through the mobile app


Timing function:

  • Set the schedule via the mobile app and let it turn on/off at t Give your child asleep time, turn off the lights at the set time, and avoid staying up late. You can also set the wake time using your favorite colors.


Remote control:


  • By connecting to the mobile app, you can control the on/off of the device on the mobile app, even if you are outside, you can control the device at home. Go home at night, don't have to face the dark-painted house, turn on the light through the mobile phone, you can enter the bright house.

Control Channels: 2 Channels
Features: Flashing
Max Speed: 50/60Hz
Model Number: Xiaomi Light
Scale: 1:5
Gyro: APP Remote Group Control
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go