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SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping

Drip Irrigation System Plant Water Kit

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Adjustable speed design: The Control Valve Plant Watering Kit can control the drip speed. You can set the traffic for 3 - 20 days or more depending on how long you need and it will never kill your plants because the water is flowing too fast or too slow.
Easy to use: Just squeeze the drip irrigation devices and then insert them into the ground, no nails required and no danger. Our automatic watering system is ideal for watering indoor flowers, outdoor plants, or your vegetables during the holidays.
Suitable for most bottles - The Self-Watering Stake is suitable for many size bottles, you are no longer limited to finding 1. Bottles with 1 '' inner diameter, the new drinker suitable for 2-1 / 2 '' bottle. An anti-tilt bracket helps keep your self-watering system from tipping even though the bottle is too large; don't waste time searching for the right bottle, most bottles make the self-watering system work.
Enjoy your calling: Healthier plants. Enjoy your vacation with your family, leave it to me, water your plants and vegetables, and make your plants flourish.

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