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SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping

Garden Decor Luminous Stones Glow

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Color: Blue




  • 1. Easy to use, just put the pebbles on the edge of the sidewalk or flower bed or use it to decorate vases, aquarium landscaping, gardening, swimming pools, bars, villa gardening potted plants, parks, etc.
  • 2. After passing sunlight during the day, the sidewalk at night will emit blue or green light for up to three hours. Make your garden more beautiful.
  • 3. Non-toxic, odorless, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly resin, non-mineral.


Why do they glow?

  • The glow in dark pebbles are made from photoluminescent pigment and resin, they will absorb light from the sun and release light in dark.


How to make them glow?

  • Put them under sunlight or lamplight to absorb light for an hour, then they will glow for hours. The pebbles are reusable and work for years.


What can they do?


  • Line your walkway, edge a flower bed, or fill a planter with this pebble, make your garden or yard absolutely unique and cool! And also great for home, decoration, art & crafting, DIY gift, etc.


How do you make them shine?


  • 1. Do not leave the pebbles under the light with the package.2. Do not stack pebbles, make sure each pebble is fully lit.3. When the stones shine, make sure the surroundings are dark enough.4. You can enjoy the shining pebbles, the longer absorption time, the longer lighting time.


Are they safe?

  • Yes, they are made from safe material, it is non-toxic to touch.
  • But please KEEP THEM AWAY FROM KIDS because they look like candy but they are not!


Special tips:

  • 1, please expose the pebbles to the sun or light, make sure to absorb enough light, the more absorption time, the brighter the pebble, the longer the luminous time.
  • 2. Pebbles send soft shine and will be difficult to notice in bright environments. Please put it in the dark area.
  • 3. If they do not shine or do not shine, the stored light may have been used up.
  • 4, we recommend more for large areas. The more lines, the more beautiful they look. Enjoy these sparkling pebbles scattered in your garden, like distant stars on the ground.

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