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SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping
SALE UP TO 60% OFF - Limited Time Discount + Free Shipping

Solar Power Ultrasonic Repeller


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  • Solar-powered: Let's keep our earth clean and green with these high-quality solar repellants. With a charging time of only 3-4 hours for 5-7 days of use and up to 7000 square feet of coverage (650 square meters). We are here to keep your lawn, garden, grass, crop, family, and pets safe.
  • Without chemicals: The ultrasonic pulses enter the ground and create sonic waves and vibrations to scare away underground pests such as gophers, snakes, mice, moles, scorpions, and other pests without using harmful chemicals or poisons that can harm the ground, pets, and the family.
  • Highest quality: We use the highest quality components in our products, so they have a long service life. Toro products have gone beyond the limits to create a superior airtight repellent, using a higher quality solar panel to achieve the best results.
  • Superior functionality: Our goal was to create a pest repellent that worked more efficiently. We have achieved our goal by using the highest quality polycrystalline technology, ensuring the repellent is watertight and increasing the size of the repellent bar which is now 15.3 inches tall, making it the longest repellent available and allowing it to enter the deepest ground, chasing all the pests that the competition didn't even know was there.
  • Reliability and maintenance-free: Since our repellents do not need to be plugged into any power source, we save you time, money, and the hassle of changing batteries while benefiting from using the earth's natural power source, without maintenance.   

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